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Deep Impact Probe Aiming To Hit Comet: Cost $33...
at 2005-08-18 10:22:23

Deep Impact Probe Aiming To Hit Comet: Cost $330 Million. Sure Makes These Free Search Engine Tips Seem Like A Bargain!

Happy 4th of July After 172 days and 268 million miles of deep space stalking, NASA's Deep Impact successfully struck comet Tempel 1. The cosmic collision between the coffee table-sized impactor and city-sized comet occurred at 1:52 a.m. EDT.
"It's a smash hit for the 4th of July!"
And you're wondering, "Is this the blog I was meaning to read?" Yes, this is a blog about improving your business by better implementing your online marketing campaign for The Body Shop At Home. The bottom line goal is to get quality blog, site or landing page "hits"... not a hit like Comet Tempel 1

A Body Shop At Home independent consultant tip s...
at 2005-08-18 10:22:23

A Body Shop At Home independent consultant tip sheet for search engine marketing.

Day by day, tick by tick, and click by click, time is passing and none of us are getting any younger. Has anyone mentioned to you that 192 days have passed since the beginning of our current year?

Indeed, 2005 is rapidly marching on, yet for may web entrepreneurs few visitors are marching over to see what's up. Are they marching to a different drummer or is it that your traffic generation strategy is just not keeping the beat?

After 118 years of keywords and clicks, Google ...
at 2005-08-18 10:22:23

After 118 years of keywords and clicks, Google Inc. Closed Its Doors,,,

What started as a play on the word googol, becomming the search engine everybody loved (or envied) and grew to become the "five-and-dime" of pay-per-click search engines, pulled the plug on the last server on this date in Mountain View, California. It's a story of a future time that could be soon, or beyond our horizon.

If anyone back in the late 1800's or early 1900's had been thinking ahead to the future of Woolworth Corp., it's unlikely

Google "FadSense" - This is hilarious. Step-asi...
at 2005-08-18 10:22:23

Google "FadSense" - This is hilarious. Step-aside AdSense!

Fadsense: Google Trotters (FS Sneakers)
Yes, this is hilarious. Step-aside AdSense, step-aside Overture and Yahoo, and Mr. Gates... you might as well get your "Google Trotters" on, because Google is way ahead of the pack on this one.

Don't miss this: Google FadSense

As A Body Shop At Home independent consultant, you might be wondering why I'm talking about a futuristic contextual AdSense (AdWord) program like FadSense. It's partially because it's funny, but more importantly, it's because I feel the type of a

The Body Shop At Home? What lurks in those cons...
at 2005-08-18 10:22:23

The Body Shop At Home? What lurks in those consumers' heads?

Have you ever thought about the public's perception of what you do?

Marketing to women?
It's important to note that the e-commerce gender gap appears to be widening, as more women opened their purse strings than men last quarter: the percentage of online purchases made by women reached 62 percent in the fourth quarter with men accounting for just 38 percent of transactions.
(BizRate 2004)
The Body Shop At Home
The Body Shop At Home is a values-driven skin and hair care company that believes in telling women the truth about what our products will do for them. They don't believe in hype. They encourage women to 'know your mind, love your body'. Body Shop At Home products are based on natural ingredients and really do work. The Girls' Nite Out concept - Body Shop At Home's version of the home party - provides an opportunity to try the products before buying.

The Body Shop pioneered the idea of not testing cosmetics on animals. That has become one of the core


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